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Weight Loss Beauty

Weight Loss Beauty

By Epic.

I live to tell the story about Womenimage, Clothes and Weight Loss.
Since I own Tragically Hipp Fashion Gallery, I witness Figure challenges everyday.
Here it is…..When you are trying to lose weight, don’t wait to look good. Start right away….today!

Let me explain…
I see more women putting off their good looks until… “I loose the weight”.

At the HIpp, we get women saying this…”Until I shed the 20 lbs, I wont buy anything”..or “I am in transition….I have another 10 lbs to go!
Tough expectations!

I truly believe that when you look your BEST during your weightloss transition, it brightens the challenge for you to do better, faster.
Not buying something that flatters your figure at the moment, is like denying yourself to feel pretty today. Its like saying “No ….I wont give you that reward till you have earned it!!!” (the weightloss)

However it is super important that you reward you victories, no matter how small.
By adding fashion to your wardrobe that hold value and flatters your evolving new figure, it only makes sense that you can start seeing the results.

Even if you find that new clothes arent worth the small victories, second hand purchases are an excellent choice to create some dynamic new attention to your changing figure.

And…as the pounds come off, …pay it forward and let someone else enjoy your in between figure fashions.

Better yet….when you feel like a change, absolutely without a doubt, invest in yourself. Change your Hair, Your Make-Up, take some lessons, get a Colour Consult….start thinking “New” and your Figure will follow.

Just imagine investing $ 125.00 Dollars for a couple of hours with a professional Make-Up Artist who will help you design your palette for your face, shape and skin tone.?! This Lesson will prepare you for a Life Time of good Make-Up manners:) How fabulously easy you now can go about applying your good Looks every morning.
So worth it!!

Figure Confusion?…not sure what to buy?!?…same thing…hire a professional Style Coach and have him or her teach you what styles and shapes your figure will love.
Flattering Fashions are not hard to find when you know what your looking for.
Colours and Tones, Shapes and Sizes, Length and Details….its all easy when you know how!. 🙂
I am not an expert on human behaviour, but as women we need to be kinder to ourselves and believe that change is possible. But…change needs to happen on the day we decide to change. It can get scary when ready for change. A woman’s Journey is difficult on the best of day, never mind deciding to be taking charge of a new fabulous Look.

I guess we need to reach out a little more without feeling embarrassed or guilty for using someone else as a sounding board. Be nosy.. – Ask others how they see you. It is always interesting what ideas friends and family come up with that could create a deeper dimension of change and support. ps: it cant hurt to ask…!
My Friends have been very involved in my Life and the changes that have brought me here today. No one is perfect, but it’s perfectly fine to look good.
You are in the drivers seat. Look good in it and you will get to your destination faster.

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My name is Evi and for years, I have traveled my journey as a woman, person, spirit quite creatively. I believe in being real, healthy and with a wealthy and grateful attitude. I believe that persons should look at their body and image with care and compassion. We are what we think we are and how we feel about ourselves is the key trigger to a better and or worse life. "Lets make it better" together.... I am an Image Coach with an eye for Style and Personality. Intuitive and passionate, I want to make a persons journey, successful and fun, with easy strategies to compliment your shape, personality and life style. Image is a stellar with these three components: clothes and style - communication and posture. "Put together" is a quote that touches all three forms. All three motivate Success. I have done many make-overs and noticed instant and striking change in their steps (walk), shoulders, lighter hips, sharper eyes...its very incredible.

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