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Jump into Health – Boot Camps in Peterborough and Lakefield

poster boots Hi Fitness Junkies

Let us introduce YOU to our Boot-camps. We are Kangoo Jumps Coaches and we take Health and Fitness to the next Level. Why? Our Swiss made Boots are the Best in today’s Market. The suspension keeps your joints 80% protected with every step, bounce or jump.

I am Evelyne and my whole life I struggled with lower back issues and weak knee joints. (they make that noise that gives you the shivers when bending) lol. Never was I able to jog…my back would start aching a half hour after my run. Since I have Kangoo’s…I can do anything Fitness related. They do not leave your muscles stiff and sore and protect your joints. Originally this boot was made for recovery fitness. (Post Injury)

They might look awkward to walk on, but …they are sturdy and you will not tip. I use them for cross country terrain, hills, grass, dirt and roads.

Our Boot Camps are structured in such a way that your upper body, lower body, cardio and stretches are all included. One  hour is all it takes to receive the best fitness benefit for your whole body and spirit. Also the bounce will relieve the body of toxins. It’s an amazing work out. Best of all, you feel fit without the pain.

We are the only distributors in Peterborough for the Kangoo Jumps. You can order your own pair for $ 289.00 plus tax and shipping or you can meet us for a free trial and or sign up for a boot camp and the boot is included during your exercise.

We will start a low impact class for clients who want to start slow and easy. With more walking included and less cardio. This class would be an excellent choice if you have had health issues, weight issues or post injury and recovery challenges.

Peterborough Location.  July schedule: Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday 9.30 – 10.30 AM  Thursday Evening: new class starting at 6.30 PM

Lakefield location AM Classes are Monday and Thursday at 9.30 AM

Message us on Facebook #meirevolution and book your spot and JUMP WITH US!!!

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My name is Evi and for years, I have traveled my journey as a woman, person, spirit quite creatively. I believe in being real, healthy and with a wealthy and grateful attitude. I believe that persons should look at their body and image with care and compassion. We are what we think we are and how we feel about ourselves is the key trigger to a better and or worse life. "Lets make it better" together.... I am an Image Coach with an eye for Style and Personality. Intuitive and passionate, I want to make a persons journey, successful and fun, with easy strategies to compliment your shape, personality and life style. Image is a stellar with these three components: clothes and style - communication and posture. "Put together" is a quote that touches all three forms. All three motivate Success. I have done many make-overs and noticed instant and striking change in their steps (walk), shoulders, lighter hips, sharper eyes...its very incredible.

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