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Think with your Name – Inner Talk

Inner Talk

Your Sanity and inner Talk

Psychologist Ethan Kross spurred into action when he witnessed, successful people use
their own first name as part of a strategy directed in self talk.
How?…Somewhat like this…
“What would Evelyne do about this?”
” How is Evelyne going to solve this?”…..or whatever would be a thought that would come up for discussion by me.
Kross investigated if the chatter amounted to much or whether the words they used even mattered. ?!!…
In a series of groundbreaking experiments, Kross has found that how people conduct their inner monologues has an enormous effect on their success in Life. Talk to yourself with the pronoun I, for instance, and you’re likely to fluster and perform poorly in stressful circumstances. Address yourself by your name and your chances of acing a host of tasks, suddenly soar.
Its a fact…the use of self-talk boost confidence. Self Talk elevates something far more significant; its a powerful instrument of consciousness itself.
By toggling the way we address ourselves during self talk, help to flip a switch in the cerebral cortex, the centre of thought. Gaining distance how we address ourselves, enables self control, allowing us to thing more clearly and perform competently.

Like Children, Self-Talk during make-believe Play, are more likely to set the stage for a life time of positive self-regulation.

used correctly, inner language can focus thinking, enhance planning, and prevent the poison of later rumination.


Jennifer wants to go on a date but is very apprehensive and nervous.
1. Jennifer what are you nervous about? Its not the first date you have been on.
2. Stay calm Jennifer. It wont be the end of the World.
3. Do you best and chill, Jen.

This is how your self chatter can help create more calm and a centred core of concisousness.
Remove yourself from theI and become the witness to your being and your thoughts. Keeping a little distance by addressing your name, creates a more clear picture of whatEvelyne, Jennifer or whoever is addressing.

Try it…
I am:)
“Evelyne, you have to go to work now! Okay!”\

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My name is Evi and for years, I have traveled my journey as a woman, person, spirit quite creatively. I believe in being real, healthy and with a wealthy and grateful attitude. I believe that persons should look at their body and image with care and compassion. We are what we think we are and how we feel about ourselves is the key trigger to a better and or worse life. "Lets make it better" together.... I am an Image Coach with an eye for Style and Personality. Intuitive and passionate, I want to make a persons journey, successful and fun, with easy strategies to compliment your shape, personality and life style. Image is a stellar with these three components: clothes and style - communication and posture. "Put together" is a quote that touches all three forms. All three motivate Success. I have done many make-overs and noticed instant and striking change in their steps (walk), shoulders, lighter hips, sharper eyes...its very incredible.

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