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Stay Young in your Skin

Anti Aging and what to do for our Skin

Yes there are great creams, skin injections, youth hormones and topical solutions that would help the reversing of aging. Yet I believe, my list of anti aging tips  are and will always be, key pieces for looking Young.

Attitude – Healthy Foods – Low Sugar and Alcohol – regular Fitness (heart pumping) – Proper Breathing – Fluids – excellent Skin Care – Sleep – Meditation  – Sun Screen – Sex (Healthy Relationship

We cannot just relay on Topical Products. “We are what we eat” is such a true quote. Every morning I make a healthy Smoothy with added Cinnamon, Silica, Probiotics from Le-Vel and a Banana for Potasium. My Lunch is usually greens and nuts (no breads) and a light dinner.  I do have skin care with Vitamin A and Glycolic Acid (medical grade). I have used this product for a very long time. Still I believe that Stress is the culprit for quick aging. Stress dehydrates and causes inflammation. I had suffered Depression in the past and my skin was terribly affected by it. Fitness, Dancing, Riding a Bike ….doing things that gets your breathing up and your heart pumping, I found, worked best for me.

We must strenghten our body with an attitude that helps heal the body. Our skin is an organ and as we all know, when things are not stable in our lives, our body starts to ache. Usually the Face will show signs of aging due to stress and worry, very quickly.

For any questions on prevention and life style changes due to aging, please contact us. We want you to age, young.

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My name is Evi and for years, I have traveled my journey as a woman, person, spirit quite creatively. I believe in being real, healthy and with a wealthy and grateful attitude. I believe that persons should look at their body and image with care and compassion. We are what we think we are and how we feel about ourselves is the key trigger to a better and or worse life. "Lets make it better" together.... I am an Image Coach with an eye for Style and Personality. Intuitive and passionate, I want to make a persons journey, successful and fun, with easy strategies to compliment your shape, personality and life style. Image is a stellar with these three components: clothes and style - communication and posture. "Put together" is a quote that touches all three forms. All three motivate Success. I have done many make-overs and noticed instant and striking change in their steps (walk), shoulders, lighter hips, sharper eyes...its very incredible.

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